Dementia Overview – Allison-McNutt

Overview: Gradual increase in incidence as you age 50% change after age 85 Annual screening over age 70 (AAN recommendation) 60% of dementia is Alzheimers Lewy Body Dementia (psychiatric/visual hallucinations with Parkinson's symptoms) is as prevalent as vascular dementia  5% Parkinson's < 5% frontotemporal dementia Dementia is generally progressive and acquired; increased risk when patients… Continue reading Dementia Overview – Allison-McNutt

Pediatric Headaches – Turner

Majority of children are diagnosed with viral illness or migraine in the ED/UC setting. DDx: Infection:  viral meningitis, bacterial meningitis, orbital or cerebral abscess. Tumor:  isolated headache is a rare manifestation of a brain tumor. Intracranial hemorrhage:  non-traumatic (not typically HA alone) Carbon monoxide poisoning Hypertension:  essential, pheo Common secondary causes: fever viral meningitis pharyngitis… Continue reading Pediatric Headaches – Turner

Doxepin for Sleep Maintenance Insomnia

Excerpt from BMJ Clinical Review article: "Doxepin is a selective histamine receptor antagonist (fig 3⇑).130 At doses above 25 mg, doxepin has unpleasant anticholinergic and antiadrenergic side effects, but at doses of 6 mg or less its predominant mechanism of action is blockade of the wake promoting effects of histamine through histamine H1 receptor antagonism.130… Continue reading Doxepin for Sleep Maintenance Insomnia