Interpretation of CSF – Hartman

GLUCOSE < 10 = bacterial, TB, fungal 10-40 = bacterial, viral, syphilis, mumps, LCMV normal = 2/3 of blood glucose high CSF glucose corresponds to high blood glucose low glucose is worrisome!   PROTEIN 100-500 = bacterial 50-300 = viral (<160 = enterovirus, > 100 = HSV, >900 = WNV, normal = flu) high RBCs… Continue reading Interpretation of CSF – Hartman


Opportunistic Infections in Transplant Patients – McCarthy

Our case:  2015 renal transplant, nocardia diagnosed shortly after immunosuppressive therapy, possible hx of CMV. Common infections:  URI and UTI - are still common in the immunosuppressed.  Common things are common. Opportunistic infections: Viral:  CMV, JC, HBV, HCV, VZV, EBV, HSV Bacterial:  PCP, Listeria, Nocardia Fungal:  Aspergillus, TB Early Post-Transplantation:  Immediately post-op to 1 month… Continue reading Opportunistic Infections in Transplant Patients – McCarthy

Hospital-Acquired (HAP) and Ventilator-Associated (VAP) Pneumonia Updates

Pearls from presentation 3/21/17 in FMTS by Amber, PharmD: Risk factors for MDR HAP, MRSA or Pseudomonas HAP/VAP:  IV abx within 90 d. Risk factors for MDR VAP:  prior abx within 90 d, septic shock at time of VAP, ARDS preceding VAP, ≥5 d hospitalization prior to VAP, dialysis prior to VAP onset. Antibiotic regimens: Add… Continue reading Hospital-Acquired (HAP) and Ventilator-Associated (VAP) Pneumonia Updates

Some Indications for Tonsillectomy

Obstructive sleep apnea / sleep disordered breathing Tonsillitis  Paradise Criteria:  7 strep infections in a year (see the AAO/HNS 2011 guidelines for details: or 5 infections / 2 years or 3 infections / 3 years. Post-op pain usu lasts 7-14 days - can be controlled with NSAIDs/APAP and cold foods.  Caution with opioids, esp… Continue reading Some Indications for Tonsillectomy

Orbital and Preseptal Cellulitis

Nomenclature: The orbital septum defines the boundary between the orbital cavity and the skin covering the eye and orbit. Orbital cellulitis = post-septal cellulitis.  The preferred term is "orbital cellulitis." Preseptal cellulitis = peri-orbital cellulitis.  The preferred term is "preseptal cellulitis." Orbital cellulitis is a much more serious infection due to the limited space of… Continue reading Orbital and Preseptal Cellulitis