Physician Use of Humor Capstone – Meinzen

Capstone presentation by Dr Christopher Meinzen - physician use of humor in the clinical setting.  Presented on Ed Day 31 May 2017. RMRF Humor presentation2


Sensitivity and Specificity – Definitions

Sensitivity = proportion of patients WITH the diagnosis who HAVE the physical sign or test result.  (SnNOut - a Sensitive test, when Negative, rules OUT disease.) Specificity = proportion of patients WITHOUT the diagnosis who DO NOT HAVE the physical sign or test result. (SpPIn - a Specific test, when Positive, rules IN disease.) Total… Continue reading Sensitivity and Specificity – Definitions

The Heckerling Score – H&P predictor of CXR findings

The Heckerling score:  1 point each for T > 37.8 C HR > 100/min crackles on auscultation diminished breath sounds absence of asthma Score of 4 or 5 highly suggestive of pneumonia (+LR = 8.2, increasing pre-test probability around 45%) Score of 0 or 1 suggestive of NO pneumonia (-LR = 0.3, decreasing pre-test probability… Continue reading The Heckerling Score – H&P predictor of CXR findings

Abbreviated Oral Presentations

This format is useful for the "second H&P" presentation - typically done by the morning physician taking over care from the night float who admitted the patient (the "first H&P"): Article: oral-presentation-in-nf-era One- to three-line summary of patient Working diagnosis (admitting diagnosis) Interval data Hypothesis confirm/revision (with lovingkindness for admitting doc!) Treatment changes Care coordination (dispo,… Continue reading Abbreviated Oral Presentations