Photo Quiz – Nail Findings

Ed Day 8/9/17 - Photo Quiz slide set - nail findings - Simmons Credit for most photos:  Stanford 25 Photo Quiz Nails PHOTO QUIZ ANSWER SHEET – 8 AUGUST 2017


Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy – Rueppel

Acute reversible neuropathy - associated with hyperglycemia and rapid correction of hyperglycemia.  Ex: DKA.  Improvement is ~50% chance, and can take up to a year to resolve. Pathophysiology:  involves deposition of sorbitol?   Chronic persistent neuropathy: Systemic polyneuropathy:  classic stocking-glove neuropathy; reduced or lost sensation on monofilament testing; burning or tingling. Autonomic neuropathy:  smooth muscle;… Continue reading Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy – Rueppel

New-Onset Seizure Evaluation in Children – Matelich

HISTORY Talk to witnesses and the patient.  Knowing events surrounding the seizure is key! Mime or description of observed physical actions during the seizure. Brief, focal symptoms prior to the dramatic event can be easily missed on a cursory history. Developmental, family and past medical histories should be covered - inherited seizure disorders, plateaus in… Continue reading New-Onset Seizure Evaluation in Children – Matelich

Inpatient Rehab Pearls and Principles – Slater

CONSULT, CONSULT, CONSULT! When to consult? Patient is well below their baseline functional status with potential for this to improve in a reasonable amount of time. Medical needs beyond typical capability of subacute care (SNF). Rehab diagnosis:  60% have to have a "rehab diagnosis" stroke, spinal cord injury, congenital deformity, amputation, major multiple trauma, femur… Continue reading Inpatient Rehab Pearls and Principles – Slater