Microalbuminuria – Matelich

Do we continue to follow microalbumin after diagnosing microalbuminuria?


YES – the ADA does recommend yearly checking of the eGFR and microalbumin.

At T2DM – start at time of dx

At T1DM – start 5 years after dx


Kidney care:

  • Glucose control
  • BP control < 140/90


Microalbuminuria = 30-300  Macroalbuminuria > 300


Expert recommendation:  it is “reasonable” to check albumin levels regularly after initiation of ACE/ARB to track progress and response to treatment


Table: eGFR vs albumin –> referral to nephrology (dark gray and black boxes at following site)


Check a (+) microalbumin a couple more times in 3-6 mo period to confirm the diagnosis. Causes: exercise, infection, fever, CHF, hyperglycemia, menstruation, hypertension.




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