Hypertension Treatment – NNTs

Based on new guideline from ACP and AAFP for the treatment of HTN in adults, published in Ann Intern Med 2017 Mar 21; 166:430.

For adults with SBP ≥ 160 mmHg, lowering the BP to < 150 mmHg, over a 5 year period:

  • All-cause mortality:   NNT = 61
  • Stroke:  NNT = 88.5
  • Adverse cardiac events:  NNT = 80

This guideline also concurs with the SPRINT trial that higher-risk patients (hx of CAD or hx of stroke/TIA) should be treated to a lower goal, but older patients (>60 yo) should be treated to <150 mmHg.

  • Pt with hx of TIA/stroke, treating to 130-140 mmHg to prevent stroke (but not adverse cardiac events nor all-cause mortality):  NNT = 33.1
  • The evidence quality for stroke risk reduction is low to moderate.




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