Some Indications for Tonsillectomy

  1. Obstructive sleep apnea / sleep disordered breathing
  2. Tonsillitis 
    1. Paradise Criteria:  7 strep infections in a year (see the AAO/HNS 2011 guidelines for details: or 5 infections / 2 years or 3 infections / 3 years.
      1. Post-op pain usu lasts 7-14 days – can be controlled with NSAIDs/APAP and cold foods.  Caution with opioids, esp if OSA!
      2. Poor recoverers:  High anxiety, oral aversion, more difficulty with teenagers, obesity, developmental delay.
      3. Halitosis common
      4. Out of school for about a week
      5. Most common reasons for re-hospitalization:  bleeding, dehydration (5%, #1), uncontrolled pain.

From presentation by Dr Amy Hills, SMFMR Rounds 3/20/17.


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