Nutrition – Overview

A lecture by Ginny Rusy, RD, LPC (November 2016):


Notes and Resources:


Protein:  4 kcal/g

  • Need 6 oz a day (depending on size, activity)
  • 3 oz = a deck of cards

Carbohydrates:  4 kcal/g

  • Fiber – soluble and insoluble sources
  • 5 grams / serving = excellent
  • 2.5 – 4.9 grams / serving = good
  • Minimize sugars

Fats:  9 kcal/g

  • saturated – firm at room temp
  • unsaturated
  • trans fats:  found in fried, baked, preserved goods
  • omega-3 (sea foods, oily fish, tuna), omega-6 (pro-inflammatory)

Vitamins, Minerals

  • Eat the rainbow – as many varieties of vegetables and fruits as you can.
  • Shred them up into sauces, blend them into other foods, get creative!


  • The faucet is good enough (in North America)

Processed foods

  • convenient, inexpensive, readily available, hyper-rewarding, popular, advertised, and long shelf-life…thus the problem.
  • chemically processed from refined ingredients
  • high in sugar and high fructose corn syrup
  • high in refined carbohydrates
  • low in fiber
  • low in nutrients
  • require less energy and time to digest
  • tend to be high in trans fats and processed vegetable oils

My Plate

  • Peas, lima beans, potatoes and corn don’t count for vegetables (1/4 of MyPlate) – they are starches.

Small changes to consider:

  • lean meats, poultry, fish, eggs and legumes instead of sandwich meats.
  • brown rice instead of white rice
  • increase nuts, seed intake
  • use smaller plates, smaller mugs, etc. – to control portion size
  • don’t add sugar to anything

Setting Goals:

  • our goals as clinicians are not their goals
  • set achievable goals – small steps, small changes
  • STEP goals
  • Keep a food log, get a pedometer
  • Teach patients how to read a nutrition label (esp the Calories vs the Servings in a package!), ingredients are listed in order of predominance.



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