Urate-Lowering Therapy May Lower Cardiovascular Risk

Hyperuricemia is associated with risk for CVD, and many studies show excess risk (CVD and all-cause mortality) for men with gout.
n = 40,000
2646 had gout, 55% of which were txed with urate-lowering therapy, 45% untreated
Followed for mean of 6.5 years
CVD- and all-cause-mortality did not differ between gout vs non-gout, but gout pts on urate-lowering tx had:
– lower all-cause mortality (HR 0.5)
– lower CVD-related mortality (HR 0.3)
Conclusion:  treating pts with hyperuricemia has effects beyond gout; randomized trials are needed to test the idea that urate-lowering therapy should be given to hyperuricemic patients regardless of gout presence.
J Rheumatol 2015 Sep; 42:1694

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