Moderate Wine Consumption May Have Positive Cardiometabolic Effects

Background:  many observational studies have shown that moderate EtOH drinkers have lower incidence of T2DM and CVD cf non- or heavy drinkers.
n = 224 Israeli adults, ages 40-75 with T2DM
Baseline: no more than 1 EtOH drink weekly, all ate Mediterranean diet without calorie restriction
Randomized to drink 150mL of red or white wine or mineral water each evening (drinks provided for free).
Adherence was excellent 🙂
At 2 years, red wine drinkers had: higher HDL (by 2mg/dL), lower total/HDL ratios, and fewer markers for metabolic syndrome.  White wine drinkers had lower FBG and TG levels, less insulin resistance.
No differences found in BP, animosity, liver function, drug tx, symptoms or QOL (except better sleep in wine drinkers).
Conclusion:  Not designed to detect clinical outcomes nor the incidence of new T2DM.  May not apply to non-diabetic patients.
Ann Intern Med 2015 Oct 13; 163:569

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