Dialectical Behavioral Therapy for Borderline Personality Disorder

Observe, describe non-judgmentally, participate
Suspend judgment
Focus on one thing at a time
Do what works – be effective and practical
Distress Tolerance
Distract yourself from harmful emotions with activities, positive comparisons, other emotions, “back-burner”ing, forcing other thoughts or sensations
Self-soothe (nurture, be kind, take care of self)
Improve the moment with imagery, finding meaning, relaxation, brief vacations, self-encouragement
Emotional Regulation
Identify and label emotions accurately, identify obstacles for changing emotions, reduce vulnerability to “emotion/monkey mind,” identify and distinguish prompting event vs interpretation of the event, sensations and urge for action, take care of self-health (sleep, eating, exercise)
Interpersonal Effectiveness
Getting Something – DEARMAN

Describe what you want

Express yourself in ways that reflect the importance of your request

Assert yourself effectively but not aggressively
Reinforce a request by explaining what good would come of it
Mindfulness – don’t get caught up in another’s defensiveness or your own intensity
Appear confident
Negotiate, don’t demand
Giving Something – GIVE

Easy manner

Keeping Self-Respect – FAST
Fair to yourself and others
Apologies – few
Stick to your values

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