Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Treatments: Metformin vs Oral Contraceptives

PCOS symptoms in adolescents: no good guidance

Clinical Question:
In adolescents with polycystic ovarian syndrome, is metformin or a combined
oral contraceptive more effective in reducing signs and symptoms?

Bottom Line:
We really don’t have much good evidence with which to answer this
question. In this meta-analysis of low-quality research, combination oral
contraceptives (COCs) might regulate menstrual cycle and improve acne
better, whereas metformin might lower body weight a little bit more. The
approach to start with may be based on the most prominent symptom. Though
treatments are often used in combination, this analysis did not evaluate
combination treatment. (LOE = 1a-)

Al Khalifah RA, Florez
ID, Dennis B, Thabane L, Bassilious E. Metformin or oral contraceptives for
adolescents with polycystic ovarian syndrome: a meta-analysis. Pediatrics


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