Pediatric Vaccination Pearls

No rotavirus vaccine after 8 mos 0 days.
Pediarix = DTaP, IPV, hep B
Pentacel = DTaP, IPV, Hib
On a Pediarix schedule, kid tends to end up with 4 hep B vaccines
Minimum 4 wks between hep B 1 and hep B 2, and 8 wks between hep B 2 and hep B 3
HPV:  4 weeks between dose 1 and 2, 12 weeks between 2 and 3.  (6 mos between 1 and 3.)
Hep A:  dose 1 and 2 separated by 6 mos.
So, if switch from Pediarix to Pentacel, have to add Hib
After Kawasaki treatment with IVIG, live virus vaccines (MMR, Varicella) have to be delayed at least 11 mos due to IVIG blocking immunogenicity.
 – from lecture by Dr Cassandra Littler

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