Vasa Previa – Incidence and Risk Factors

Incidence and risk factors for vasa previa

Clinical Question:
What is
the expected incidence of vasa previa and what risk factors increase its

Bottom Line:
The incidence of vasa previa is estimated to
be 0.6 per 1000 pregnancies. Factors associated with increased risk include
velamentous cord insertion, cord insertion in the lower third of the uterus
at first-trimester ultrasound, placental morphologic abnormalities (bilobed
or succenturiate placenta), second-trimester placenta previa, and in vitro
fertilization. Further research is needed to confirm the strength of the
associations of the risk factors. (LOE = 2a)

Ruiter L, Kok
N, Limpens J, et al. Incidence of and risk indicators for vasa praevia: a

systematic review. BJOG 2016;123(8):1278-1287.

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