Beta-Blockers for HF Benefit All Ages

Patients with HFrEF – beta-blockers reduce morbidity and mortality, but uncertain if age/sex affect this.
Meta-analysis of individual patient data from 11 RCT, n = 14000, age range 40-80, 24% women with LVEF < 45%, sinus rhythm at baseline.  Median f/u 1.3 years.
Beta-blockers lowered RR for all-cause mortality and hospitalizations across all age groups by about 25-35%.  ARR 4.3% (NNT = 23).
Beta-blockers were well-tolerated.
Warning: industry-sponsored.
Conclusion:  Beta-blockers benefited HFrEF patients across all age groups.  Clinicians should offer beta-blockers to all patients with HFrEF with sinus rhythm.
BMJ 2016 Apr 20; 353:i1855

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